Chiron Investment Management is a boutique investment management firm. Our investment framework is designed to provide insight into global asset allocation. Our clients are our partners, and we are committed to engaging with them in a way that is direct and transparent.

We believe it is critical that our investment team and employees understand our clients’ experiential return in a very personal way.  — Ryan Caldwell, CIO

Our investment process is an actively managed framework that allows us to quantify fundamental factors, systematize

our approach, and apply judgment to asset allocation and security selection.

Our CIO Ryan Caldwell and CEO Enrico Gaglioti founded Chiron in 2015. Chiron’s experienced management and advisory team includes Chairman Marc Spilker and Vice Chairman Scott Prince. In aggregate, our partners hold over 125 years of financial services experience with time-tested track records and success as investors, risk managers, and business builders. Chiron Investment Management is dually headquartered in New York and Kansas City.

Our Name

In Greek mythology, Chiron [ky-ron] was first and wisest of the centaurs, a revered oracle, and an acclaimed tutor who trained the heroes of ancient Greece in the ways of the world and the art of the hunt. Today, Chiron Investment Management carries those lessons forward to give modern investors the guidance they need to choose the right target, to wait until the perfect moment, and to strike for maximum advantage.

Our People,
Our Experience

Chiron is built of leaders, innovative thinkers and world-class investment experts. We combine distinguished investment talent with proven business leadership, focused on institutional-quality oversight and controls. The Chiron team is the culmination of decades of investment process implementation and business process evolution primed to deliver best-in-class returns for our clients while maintaining a transparent and rigorous investment process. The core principles of Chiron Investment Management drive our culture and the way we interact both internally and externally, leading to the way we serve our clients.

Our Proprietary Research

We focus on defining risk within our investment process by providing a transparent lens for our clients. The foundation of our portfolio is based on an actively managed, proprietary framework, which allows us to quantify fundamental factors, systematize our approach, and apply judgment to asset allocation and security selection. Our two proprietary tools, The Chiron Domain Indicator and the Chiron Dispersion Indicator help us locate “where to start, by knowing where we are” in the overall global markets.

We are aligned

As fiduciaries, our only business is managing money on behalf of our clients.

We are 100% partner- and employee-owned, and strongly believe in the alignment that is created when managing our client assets. Collectively, members of Chiron are significant investors in the company’s investment offerings. This insures that our interests are aligned with those of our clients, and keeps us focused on investment returns, regardless of market environment. - Enrico, Gaglioti CEO